May 20th 2018

Happy Jack

Jack declared himself happy after completing two meetings after making a belated start to the 2018 season on his return to speedway with a hard earned paid 13 from five starts at Leicester. His first meeting back at Birmingham last Wednesday didn't go quite so well.

Jack explained "Everything came about so quickly we had an hurriedly arranged practice at Scunthorpe and tested both bikes and everything went well. Due to the hot weather at Perry Barr the track had been heavily watered and after the parade I managed a couple of practice starts but had to go around another rider and went through a massive puddle and the bike started to misfire. With the meeting about to get underway my pit crew put the problem down to how wet the electrics were but changed the plug as a precaution. I made a decent start and was on a 5-1 with Callum Walker when the bike started to misfire and lose causing me to retire"

Things went from bad to worse when carburettor problems brought his second ride to an abrupt halt after a lap despite switching to his second bike. Problems rectified Jack reverted back to his number 1 bike and completed the meeting unbeaten in his last three rides with two wins and a paid win in heat 13.

So forward 3 days and the Brummies made the relatively short journey to Beaumont Park for the Northern Trophy meeting against Coventry with both sides unbeaten in the competition.

A problem with a newly fitted clutch cable on parade once again had the nerves jangling. Jack explained "on parade I did my first practice start and everything was fine but after I did another my clutch cable jumped out" Adjustments made no further problems occurred and Jack went on to record an hard earned paid 13 points from his five races.

After the meeting Jack reflected "It's good for the team to get the win and I am pretty pleased with how things have gone for me personally. It's great to be back on the bik racing for Birmingham I feel better with each race but I am making life hard for myself and really need to start making some gates. That's something I am going to be concentrating on now and hopefully keep winning races."

Off the track Jacks family are trying to drum up some much needed sponsorship in a bid to help fund his racing. All his current kit is from last year and due to Jacks belated start to the season he has very little sponsorship.

Grandad Neal explained. "We are looking at getting a new race suit and bike covers for Jack as well as continue to improve his equipment so we are looking for business partners who can have their logos on his suit and covers as well being featured on the sponsors section of his website with links to their own websites. Any revenue raised will be invested in his equipment as he looks to re-establish himself back into the sport. Anyone who is interested can contact me or Jack through his website Facebook or Twitter."

Photos: Chris Simpson


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